These stories make Jez from Peep Show look like a considerate, financially stable young man.

Prompted by a New York Magazine article telling a chilling story about a serial squatter who would meticulously drive people out of their own homes, journalist Gene Demby asked people to share their own tales of nightmare roommates.

This shit is WIIIIILD

— Gene “GD” Demby (@GeeDee215) February 21, 2018

This makes me wonder about your worst roommate stories. Go!

I’ll start: came home one Sat and had an eviction notice on the door. Turns out roommate had been taking my rent money — at that point, $5K — to pay for his dues to his Scientology-lite cult group

— Gene “GD” Demby (@GeeDee215) February 21, 2018 Read more…

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