If you ever want to know what true cowardice looks like, just accompany me to the cinema to watch any horror movie.

It doesn’t even need to have a restricted rating. If the film has a mildly eerie soundtrack and a few well-placed jump scares, I can guarantee I will be peering at it through a crack in my quivering fingers. It’s been close to a decade since I made the horrendous mistake of going to watch Insidious on the big screen, for instance, and the memories have stuck with me ever since. I sat through the entire thing, but probably only saw about 11% of the actual movie.

The saddest part is I’m not even exaggerating for effect here. For as long as I can remember, I’ve always had a problem with jumpy horror films. If I think something’s about to pop out at me, I genuinely struggle to keep my eyes on the screen. Read more…

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