About Brainiacs From Mars

We do things outside of-the-box, way outside of-the-box because we believe that's where genius exists.

From the beginning, Brainiacs From Mars was built differently, on the simple premise that clients deserve better. So we built a company committed to delivering just that. A company that believes, with every fiber of its being, that it exists to serve you, build your brand, and grow your businesses.

We cultivate and ignite consumers' love for you. We turn consumers into fans by creating experiences that interest and engage them. We make hearts race. We make voices scream.

At the heart of our ideas are our people. We’ve assembled a passionate team of storytellers, innovators, tech-meisters, media gurus, forward thinkers and risk-takers.

We take great pride in building big ideas that lead to better results.

Media Power List

One great contact can make your business ... we have thousands. We've built the ultimate contact list of key journalists and influential bloggers. If you want your company all over the news, this is the contact list you need.

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